Brand management

Brand management

ORIOR has a number of well-known brands in its portfolio. Some of these – "Rapelli", "Ticinella", "Nature Gourmet", "Fürstenländer Spezialitäten" and "Le Patron", for example – are well known in all sales channels, while others are known mainly in one particular channel, for example Fredag in the food service sector. In addition ORIOR produces products for the commercial brands and private labels of its customers. The brands of the ORIOR Group are well positioned with consumers, and consumer feedback surveys show that the quality of the products is highly regarded. The highest brand awareness level is achieved by the Rapelli brands. The most recent survey showed that Rapelli has a supported brand awareness of 85%.

ORIOR’s brands, grouped by business segment and competence centre, are shown below: 



ORIOR Convenience

ORIOR Refinement

Corporate and Export

Brand management at ORIOR is centrally controlled. A mix of coordinated marketing measures is implemented for advertising and positioning of brands, ranging from TV commercials, print advertisements, posters and billboards, POP presence, promotions, tastings and trade fair appearances.