Brand Portfolio


Rapelli, a brand built on the tradition of the ancient “mastri salumieri”. Authentic products and an uncompromising commitment to quality. Italian specialities in all its variations – interpreted in both a traditional and a modern manner since 1929.


Ticinella. La vita è bella! Typical Ticinese specialities, firmly rooted in the gastronomic culture of Switzerland’s most  southern canton. A journey of discovery into a unique world of flavours, with tastes that conjure up Ticino’s mild climate and zest for life.

San Pietro

This raw ham undergoes a slow, curing process in the clean, fresh air of the Mendrisiotto region of Ticino for at least 12 months under the watchful eye and experienced hands of our specialists, giving it a unique and mouth-watering flavour.

Val Mara

Recipes for Val Mara salami and salametti have been passed through many generations. Made by hand with the utmost care, these Ticinese products are truly authentic and unique.

Albert Spiess of Switzerland

Sees itself as the keeper of the age-old tradition of hanging meat to dry in clean, fresh mountain air. The higher elevations of Grisons are ideal for air-drying meat. That and a deep passion for perfection are what make these top-of-the-line meat specialities so unique.

Fürstenländer Spezialitäten

Fürstenland, a region in eastern Switzerland, is home to a wide variety of meat specialities, ranging from smoked delicatessen products to ham and poultry variations. Fürstenländer’s Appenzeller Mostbröckli has become a cult product  that is known and loved far beyond the regional borders.

Ocean's Best

Top-quality seafood. Frozen specialities from lakes, rivers and seas, and from countries near and far. Convenience products of impeccable quality for the restaurant and food service sectors. Fish and shellfish are mainly sourced directly from fisheries with sustainable practices.

Nature Gourmet

Vegetarian and vegan products for gourmets. Only the finest ingredients prepared according to Swiss quality standards are good enough for Nature Gourmet, a trendsetting brand for a new nutrition philosophy.


Swiss premium organic tofu creations. The wide range includes traditional tofu products, as well as innovative, vegetari-an and vegan specialities for restaurants and the retail trade.


Pastinella, un amore di pasta. Chilled pasta in all possible variations and in many shapes: Gnocchi, tortellini, ravioli – Pastinella offers everything that is needed for a perfect Italian pasta meal, including appetising sauces.

Le Patron Créations Culinaires

Créations culinaires. From appetisers to dessert, Le Patron offers traditional, exclusive and exotic dishes of uncompro-mising quality that delight the palate.

Culinor Food Group

The Culinor Food Group serve as the ORIOR European platform for targeting the entire European market. With its large portfolio of high-quality products, its specialisation on prepared meals and ready-made meal components Culinor is one of the foremost players in the highly innovative market of premium fresh convenience food.