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Brand Portfolio

ORIOR has a number of brands in its portfolio. These include consumer brands such as Rapelli, Ticinella, Nature Gourmet and Le Patron. Others are known in specific channels, such as Fredag in the food service sector (catering). ORIOR also manufactures products for customers' retail and own-label brands. 


“Share the good things in life.” Rapelli embodies the skills and traditions of “mastri salumieri” and authentic Mediterranean tastes and flavours. Artisanal culture and uncompromising quality. Classic Mediterranean deli specialities, traditional and modern, crafted with passion since 1929.


“All the goodness of nature in a bottle”. Organic vegetable and fruit juices and trendy creations made from 100% natural raw materials. In Biotta there is only the best that fruits and vegetables have to offer in best Swiss organic quality.


La vita è bella! Typical Ticino specialities, rooted in the rich culinary history of Switzerlandʼs southernmost canton. Take a delicious journey of discovery through a unique world of culinary delights that fi ll your palate with pleasure.

Albert Spiess of Switzerland

Albert Spiess AG is the keeper of an age-old tradition of drying meat in pure, clean mountain air. The highlands of the canton of Graubünden and its unique climate provide the basic requirements. Combined with a passion for great food, the result is Bündner meat specialities.

Le Patron Créations Culinaires

Créations culinaires. The king of pâtés and terrines and a boutique for premium delicacies: From starters to desserts, Le Patron creates traditional, exclusive as well as exotic dishes of incomparable taste and with the best ingredients. 


Cook fine – gain time. Fredag is synonymous with high-quality convenience food. Its products range from poultry to meat convenience specialities, perfectly suited for delicious meals at home and in gastronomy.


“Un amore di pasta.” Fresh pasta in every form and flavour, deliciously unique. Gnocchi, tortellini or ravioli – classic and seasonal – Pastinella has perfected the art of making Italian pasta.

Fürstenländer Spezialitäten

Fürstenland, a region in eastern Switzerland, is home to a wide variety of meat specialities, ranging from smoked delicatessen products to ham and poultry variations. Appenzeller Mostbröckli has become a cult product that is known and loved far beyond the regional borders.

My Energy

Premium beef sticks exclusively made from 100 percent Swiss meat, high in protein and low in fat. The flavourful snack with a protein kick, made from all-natural, high-quality ingredients, for sports enthusiasts and the adventurous.


The slightly different iced tea with the touch of the finest Swiss hemp extract mixed with black tea: pure enjoyment, the certain something and cult among young people. Open and enjoy!


Young, bold and refreshing organic iced tea and spritzer in a wide variety of flavours. “Mein Schluck Freiheit” (“my sip of freedom”). Made in Switzerland with the best of Swiss ingredients.  


The organic smoothie pioneer from Switzerland and for Switzerland is just cult. Traktor stands for unmistakable taste, best quality, all-natural organic, vegan and unconventionally fresh. Tractor smoothies are popular in trendy places, health food stores and to go shops.

Ocean's Best

Top-quality seafood. Frozen specialities from lakes, rivers and seas, and from countries near and far. Convenience products of impeccable quality for the restaurant and food service sectors. Fish and shellfi sh are sourced directly from fi sheries with sustainable practices


Swiss premium organic tofu creations. The wide range includes traditional tofu products, as well as innovative, vegetarian and vegan specialities for restaurants and the retail trade.


"The taste of travelling" grab-and-go food islands and snack mobiles with self-developed brand concepts for people travelling.

Culinor Food Group

With its large portfolio of high-quality products and specialisation on prepared meals, Culinor is one of the foremost players in the highly innovative market of premium fresh convenience food.

Vacoʼs Kitchen

A wide variety of meals and meal components of the best quality. Inspired by ideas from around the world. Stamppot, a versatile Dutch dish of potatoes mashed, is a popular classic dish from Vacoʼs Kitchen that is now enjoyed well beyond its original regional base.