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Albert Spiess

To this day, Graubünden meat specialities stand for natural goodness and tradition. Since 1906, Albert Spiess AG has been a guardian of this long heritage. However, upholding tradition does not mean standing still, but implies a commitment to push ahead with new developments, to make sensible use of new technologies, and to continually attract consumers' attention by presenting innovative products on the market. Bündnerfleisch is an export hit, synonymous with Switzerland in the same way as watches, chocolate and cheese. With the brand "Albert Spiess – Switzerland's Finest", a top-quality Swiss brand has been successfully established abroad.

Facts and figures

Founded: 1906
Production volume: over 6'500 tonnes p.a.


  • International Food Standard (Higher Level)
  • Organic label ("Knospe")  

  • GGA (Protected Geographical Indication


  • The finest raw ingredients
  • Bündnerfleisch = GGA brand article
  • State-of-the-art production plants
  • Traditional recipes
  • Highest-lying meat-curing facility in Europe

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