The Culinor Food Group is a leading producer of chilled ready meals and meal components serving retailers and food service providers throughout the Benelux region. Operating out of Benelux, the innovative group also sells its products in Continental Europe. 

Culinor Food Group with its large portfolio of high-quality products in the highly innovative market of fresh convenience food. Its products range from classic local cuisine such as “stamppot” and vol-au-vent to meat, fish and oven entrees and stews, soups and sauces. Culinor’s portfolio also includes innovative conven-ience concepts such as the to-go line “Meal in the Box” or the ready-made “Wok & Dinner Mix” meal kits.

Facts and figures

Founded: 11989
Production volume: over 40 million menus and menu components p.a.


  • International Food Standard (Higher Level)


    • Specialised in chilled ready meals and meal components
    • Leading producer in the premium fresh convenience market throughout the Benelux region
    • Strong innovation skills
    •  Passion for culinary delights and indulgence
    • Modern systems and processes with a variety of technologies

      Culinor NV  |  Houtstraat 46  |  B-9070 Destelbergen