Biotta Smoo'TEAs: new also in the refrigerated shelf

19 July 2019

A smoothie that is calorie-friendly yet offers the best of fruit and vegetables?

This is possible thanks to the Biotta Smoo'TEAs, a refreshing mix of Swiss herbal tea and fine fruit and vegetable juice.

In the morning it has to be fast, there is often no time for breakfast. Nevertheless, you probably would like to eat healthily and treat yourself to a fruit or vegetable smoothie. For those who prefer a lighter version, the Biotta Smoo'TEAs are just right. The combination of exquisite tea and fruit and vegetable juice convinces with a lower calorie and fructose content and a refreshing light pleasure experience. Just a few years ago, the Swiss organic pioneer Biotta launched the Smoo'TEAs in the glass bottle for home consumption. The Biotta Smoo'TEAs are now also available in the refrigerated shelf and on the go in the handy PET bottle. The three new flavours combine fruity mango, orange and raspberry with the best Swiss Verveine and mint tea. Available now from Manor.

By the way: under the brand "Karma Frui'Tea", the three newcomers are also available from Coop.