Biotta Veggie PROTEIN: superpower for everyday heroes

14 June 2018

Discover now the new Biotta VeggiePROTEIN with raspberry and pumpkin seed protein - a strong berry power pack.

The intense raspberry flavour and the nutty note of the pumpkin seed protein form the basis of this strongman among the Biotta Veggies. Together with pineapple, black carrot, grapes, apples and ginger, a recipe has been created that tastes great and is ideal for a high-protein diet.

Health is the most important asset
Those who live a healthy life, feel better and more vital in everyday life, they are more efficient and able to work under pressure. Consumers are consciously opting for a healthy balanced diet. They do sports and deal with nutritional values. They refrain from foods that put a strain on or supply the body with more energy than necessary.

The Biotta Veggies fulfill this need for healthy convenience. True to the philosophy of the Biotta founder, we want to do good to people with every single sip.
Even though today many people have to eat and drink on the move, the days of unhealthy foods are numbered.

Vegan, made of high-quality ingredients and in the best organic quality: The new Biotta Veggie PROTEIN is perfectly in tune with the trend of functional nutrition.

Pumpkin Seed Protein - You could tear up trees!
Enjoy the fruity-nutty taste of the new veggie. The muscleman who also tastes on training-free days.