"Bottega di Mario" opened in Zurich

16 August 2017

The new "Bottega di Mario" – a unique venue where guests can enjoy the products of "maestri salumieri" with the typical Ticinese atmosphere and joie de vivre is now open in Zurich.

The previously named Locanda Ticinese on Nüschelerstrasse in Zurich re-opened yesterday as "La Bottega di Mario". The name recalls the founder of the salumeria, Mario Rapelli, and his "bottega", which he opened in a picturesque village in the south of Ticino in 1929 and which still personifies the canton's cuisine: the pleasure of Ticinese specialities and the passion of sharing the good things in life.

Meat platters – freshly sliced on the Berkel machine, warm rolls with Gran Cru salami, focaccia with mortadella or polenta with luganighe sausages are now on the menu. Of course you can also enjoy the familiar classics of Ticino such as brasato, house-made pasta or zabaione, prepared at your table. An excellent "Carlton-like" wine list rounds out the offering.

Hosts Pietro and Cristiano are responsible for the hearty service and enjoyable live show. At the lovingly furnished "La Bottega di Mario" they will pamper you in typical Ticinese ambiance where you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind, authentic dining experience that generates the pleasure of sharing the good things in life.