My Energy Beef – the protein pick-me-up

08 August 2017

The new sticks were launched by Albert Spiess, the specialist for Graubünden air-dried meat. He knows exactly which enjoyable fitness formulas are concealed in beef.

The new My Energy Beef Sticks are a high-quality source of protein. The low-fat sticks mature in the fresh mountain air of Graubünden. This gives them the necessary bite, their spicy flavour and the guarantee: 100% beef, 100% Switzerland, 100% enjoyment.

They are particularly suitable for athletes or as a light snack. They contain 100% Swiss beef, 36% protein and just 3% fat. No wonder that the communications measures were implemented in collaboration with HC Davos. People who train a lot need plenty of protein. Andres Ambühl, captain of the Swiss ice hockey national team, can confirm this: "Protein plays an important role in building up muscle. My Energy Beef goes a long way to meeting my requirements."