Pure tea enjoyment with the new Vivitz Cold Brew

14 May 2019

Vivitz brings the trend from the USA to Switzerland: Cold Brew Ice Tea.

For cold brewed is popular not only with coffee, but more than ever with tea. The new Vivitz Cold Brew with strong Assam black tea from India is the first Swiss organic quality cold brew iced tea.

Cold infused, with an intense tea note and a round taste with very little bitter substances: this is the new Vivitz Cold Brew. In the ever-growing iced tea market, this new Vivitz iced tea meets the pulse of the times with its uniquely gentle preparation process - and delights as a pure pleasure experience.

The threefold amount of tea leaves drag in the production about 12 hours in cold water and slowly release their full aroma. Thanks to this process, less bitter substances and less acid are absorbed into the iced tea, which is reflected in its mild yet intense taste. Like all Vivitz iced teas, the Cold Brew also comes without any granulated sugar and is made from the best organic raw materials.

Vivitz Cold Brew in a nutshell:

  • only three ingredients: infusion of Assam black tea, agave syrup, malic acid
  • round aroma thanks to less bitter substances and less acidity
  • organic, vegan, Swiss made
  • without granulated sugar
  • low-calorie

Vivitz Cold Brew is vailable now from organic retailers, well-stocked bakeries and health retailers, as well as selected catering establishments.