Sustainability – we call it ”The ORIOR Responsibility” – is in our eyes at the core of Excellence in Food, an opportunity for differentiation and a promise we make for future generations. We assume this responsibility throughout the whole value chain and constantly seek a well-balanced improvement in our operating, environmental and social performance metrics. Sustainability is an integral part of our business activities and is therefore present in everything we do and in who we are. Our corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts are currently focused on four priority areas:


1. Sustainable procurement

2. Preserving resources

3. Nutrition and health

4. Employee training and development


At the end of 2017 the management desided to develop a sustainability report in accordance with the internationally recognised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. This important and significant decision was preceded by a thorough analysis of the many sustainability reporting guidelines and standards available today. GRI is the most widely accepted standard for sustainability reporting purposes and it will allow ORIOR to give a well-balanced view of its sustainability goals, action plans and progress. The immediate objectives for the fiscal year 2018 is to determine all parameters and the overall reporting structure of ORIOR’s future reports, to bring these findings into context with our strategy and operating activities and then present the resulting data in an appropriate manner. ORIOR tentatively plans to publish a GRIbased sustainability report for the fiscal year 2018 in the first quarter of 2019.

The process leading to the publication of this report consists of four major stages:

In the initial stage ORIOR will determine, in accordance with GRI standards, which sustainability issues are the most relevant to the Group. It will do so by evaluating the environmental, social and economic consequences of ORIOR’s business activities as well as the expectations of its stakeholders. In the second stage a team of employees from throughout the Group representing quality management, human resources, production, sales and communications departments will  formulate the key issues in a strategic framework for sustainability at ORIOR – “The ORIOR Responsibility” – and will elucidate the related goals, action plans and performance indicators. The third stage will be about translating and embedding sustainability into good corporate governance practices. Roles, responsibilities, internal policies, procedures and other factors will be defined during this stage. Once this strategic framework for sustainability is in place, ORIOR will formulate and publish its sustainability report.