The ORIOR Responsibility

The ORIOR Responsibility

Sustainability – we call it “The ORIOR Responsibility” – is in our eyes at the core of Excellence in Food, an opportunity for differentiation and a promise we make for future generations.

At the end of 2017, the Management decided to implement a sustainability report in accordance with the standards laid down by the internationally recognised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). GRI is the most widely accepted standard forsustainability reporting and will allow ORIOR to provide a wellbalanced view of its goals, measures and progress. As a result of a comprehensive analysis of the ecological, social and economic impact, as well as of a stakeholder analysis and the drawing up of a materiality matrix, the relevant themes relating to sustainability were defined. This gave rise to our sustainability strategy – “The ORIOR Responsibility”.

1. Product responsibility

2. Social responsibility

3. Environmental responsibility


The strategy chart focuses on nine areas of activity in the spheres of “Product responsibility”, “Social responsibility” and “Environmental responsibility”. It is within these areas of activity that we see our greatest responsibility and possibility of contributing towards sustainable development. Correspondingly, we want to permanently improve, as well as to report on our goals, projects, measures and progress in a transparent and comparable manner.