Sustainability – we call it ”The ORIOR Responsibility” – is in our eyes at the core of Excellence in Food, an opportunity for differentiation and a promise we make for future generations. We assume this responsibility throughout the whole value chain and constantly seek a well-balanced improvement in our operating, environmental  and social performance metrics. Sustainability is an integral part of our business activities and is therefore present in everything we do and in who we are. We understand and acknowledge the general need that has arisen for us to report on our sustainability-related efforts and on the progress we are making with regard to sustainability and we are reviewing viable avenues of disclosure for such reporting at ORIOR. The publication of internal key performance indicators will also be evaluated as part of this process.


The ORIOR Responsibility

Sustainability is an integral part of our core business.  
Sustainability is at the core of Excellence in Food.
Sustainability is an opportunity for differentiation.
Sustainability is taking a stand for future generations.
Sustainability reflects respect.
Sustainability means taking responsibility and acting responsibly.

Our permanent value-creating efforts focus on the following four thematic areas::