Developing employees

Developing employees

”We promote diversity and dedication, support lifelong learning and development, offer an attractive work environment and ensure workplace safety.“

Competent employees with an entrepreneurial mind-set are one of ORIOR’s obvious strengths. They are the ones who have made ORIOR the company it is today and they are laying the foundation for future success through their craftsmanship and the entrepreneurial spirit they display every day. To retain our sharp competitive edge, employees at all levels of the organisation receive training and development.

ORIOR attaches great importance to employee motivation and development at every level of the work force. ORIOR Group employed an average of 1228 people in 2015, about 15 of whom were apprentices in the fields of the butchery trade, logistics, and office administration. As in the past, temporary workers were also employed to handle peak periods, particularly during the Christmas season. An internal minimum wage policy applies at every ORIOR production site.

ORIOR promotes continual employee development through joint setting of targets, performance appraisals, and a wide choice of training and development opportunities. Each competence centre provides specific professional training while managers and key employees are also offered internal training and development inputs. Employee skills and resources are also promoted and developed on an individual basis. For 2016, a new group-wide training and development programme will be launched with a focus on leadership, strategy execution, change management and personal effectiveness.

ORIOR offers its employees a safe and healthy work environment. It also invests in targeted improvements as well as in courses on occupational safety and it periodically contracts external safety experts to examine additional ways of improving work safety.


Selective training and development

Various measures and projects pertaining to company personnel were outlined within the scope of the ORIOR 2020 strategy. Key employees were allowed to purchase Company shares at a discount within the scope of an employee stock ownership plan. Moreover, ORIOR plans to promote employee talent even more effectively through a systematic talent management process and will launch a new group-wide training programme for managers and key personnel. The main themes of this training programme will be leadership, strategy execution, change management and personal effectiveness.