Nutrition and health

Nutrition and health

ORIOR aspires to produce tasty and healthy food products. All products undergo a constant process of improvement from a nutritional and physiological as well as from a culinary perspective. New products are also being developed for people with food intolerances or special dietary needs. When it comes to the quality and safety of the food they eat, customers rightly have very high standards. ORIOR’s work in this area goes far beyond what food standards and other laws require. ORIOR has clear quality assurance processes and it rigorously adheres to them. Compliance is ensured by internal and external audits. Recipes and production processes are continuously being improved at all centres of competence. Efforts here focus on retaining as much of the natural vitamins and other nutrients as possible and on reducing the added sodium and fat content as well as on strict avoidance of artificial additives wherever possible – which is standard policy for almost every ORIOR product. Current investment in plant, equipment and business processes enables us to produce top-quality products that meet demanding nutritional physiological standards and that are also pleasing to the palate. ORIOR has also shown a flair for creating food products for people with special dietary needs; for example Möfag’s line of Wellness products, ORIOR Convenience’s line of Care products, and Pastinella’s range of gluten- and lactose-free fresh pasta specialities.      

All ORIOR production sites meet the International Featured Standards (IFS) for food security or Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000. These standards are reviewed periodically by an external accredited certification body. The quality of processes was additionally controlled by standards and labels including “Suisse Garantie”, “Bio Knospe”, “IP-Suisse / Terra Suisse”, “Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit” (SMETA), “Aus der Region. Für die Region.”, “Schweizer Allergie-Gütesiegel” (aha! certification) and the “Marine Stewardship Council” (MSC). A total of about 30 external audits were carried out by certification organisations at the production facilities. Moreover, ORIOR monitors and controls certain processes at Group companies by conducting internal audits. This ensures a continuous improvement in the quality and cost efficiency of operating processes.

ORIOR competence centres conduct regular supplier assessments. In addition to quality, other aspects ranked in these assessments include accuracy of labelled quantities, adherence to delivery schedules, general collaboration and service, and compliance with environmental standards. The vast majority of suppliers achieved good to very good scores. Suppliers who fall short are required to initiate corrective action immediately and are reaudited a short time later. Should there be any uncertainty, suppliers must undergo and successfully complete a verification process covering environmental and sustainability issues before being admitted to the pool of authorised suppliers.

Example Convenience

Freshness, quality and eating enjoyment

A commitment to freshness and a pioneering spirit are obvious at the competence centres in ORIOR’s Convenience segment. Enhancement of eating pleasure and nutritional value is made possible through constant recipe development and investment in new production technology and techniques. Efforts here center on retaining vitamins and minerals, reducing the amount of added sodium, sugar and fat, and completely avoiding the use of artificial flavours and additives wherever possible – which is the case with almost every product ORIOR makes.