Preserving resources

Preserving resources

Sound policies on resources are part of ORIOR’s corporate culture. One of the Company’s declared aims is to make careful use of energy and to work continuously to reduce emissions and food waste even further.

In order to ensure professional implementation of climate protection measures, all competence centres work with the Energieagentur der Wirtschaft (EnAW) energy agency. As a service platform for companies, the EnAW helps industrial firms reduce CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency. ORIOR’s voluntary accession to the EnAW programme reflects its commitment to these goals. The associated objectives are audited by the Swiss government. All activities are geared to suit the particular company and follow the principle of cost-effectiveness. In addition, all new investments are reviewed in terms of their CO2 footprint.

ORIOR is strongly committed to reducing food waste and is member of «United Against Food Waste». This association, which was founded in 2013, aims to halve the quantity of food lost in Switzerland by 2020. ORIOR AG’s centres of competence have continuously optimised their production processes and logistics for years with the objective of reducing waste. Avoidance of production waste deserves utmost attention not only from a moral standpoint but also for reasons of cost efficiency. However, no matter how hard we try, food waste cannot be entirely eliminated; sometimes, due to damaged packaging, short use-by periods, excess production, etc., products cannot be brought to market through the normal sales channels. In such cases we collaborate with partners to find solutions for selling the food that is still safe to eat. For example, all ORIOR operations work with partners like “Tischlein deck dich” and “Schweizer Tafel”. These two organisations collect discarded food and distribute it to needy people in Switzerland.

Example WWF Award

Rapelli receives WWF Award for its commitment to environmental protection

In 2015 Rapelli received the “Il sole sul tetto” award from the WWF for its exemplary commitment to nature and sustainability. WWF praised the company's investments in new, more efficient production systems that reduced energy consumption, the optimisation of operating parameters for production, the general reduction in electricity consumption for lighting and cooling, and the substitution of fossil fuels such as heating oil and natural gas. We are proud to have received this award from WWF and will continue to introduce a constant stream of measures at all ORIOR centres of competence, launch projects and make investments in fulfilment of our responsibility and, ultimately, to secure our long-term, sustainable existence.

Environmental vision

  • Environmental awareness is fundamental. ORIOR aims to conserve the planet's resources and to treat the environment with respect.
  • Corporate profitability and minimising a company's environmental impact are not contradictory concepts. In fact, they are increasingly becoming one of ORIOR's USPs.
  • ORIOR measures the targeted reduction of its environmental impact just as it does productivity improvements. Annual targets are continuously evaluated and appropriate measures are drawn up.
  • Our employees are aware of the considerable importance ORIOR attaches to sustainability. Their conduct and activity have a positive influence on our ecological footprint.