Sustainable procurement

Sustainable procurement

We pride ourselves on knowing every link in our agricultural supply chain and on our ability to trace every major input to its origin. Sustainable agricultural raw materials are prioritised in our procurement policy; respect towards nature and farm animals is a must.

Excellence in Food is derived from craftsmanship and the recipes and processes we use to make our products and in particular on the agricultural raw materials we start with. Demand for products made with locally sourced raw materials is steadily increasing. Consumers are displaying an increasing sensitivity to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing practices. We are, therefore, continuously expanding our range of regional products. With imported raw materials, we guarantee quality and sustainability by applying extremely strict controls and standards. Respect towards farm animals is a non-negotiable criterion of our sourcing policy.

Consumers are showing greater interest in the origin of food products and the ingredients they are made with. Therefore ORIOR pledges highest transparency with regard to product certifications and the declaration of product information. It is essential these days that products are certified to indicate their origin, method of production and quality. Customers look for these certificates and base purchasing decisions on them. ORIOR sources and refines a wide range of products with such certificates.

Wherever possible and sourceable, the raw materials pur chased by ORIOR Group’s competence centres will come from regional or local producers. In principle ORIOR would like to buy even more Swiss meat, but availability, especially for poultry, is limited. ORIOR seeks partnerships with foreign producers who agree to comply with Swiss food production standards to alleviate this situation. Agricultural raw materials sourced from suppliers in foreign countries are subject to special inspections. Whenever possible, we will seek to establish strong ties with local producers through a partnership agreement which allows us to exert influence on their production standards. To ensure sustainability and quality, we audit all of our suppliers on a regular basis. An immediate warning will be issued to any supplier that fails to attain or adhere to our strict guidelines and standards. Remedial action must be quickly taken, otherwise all sourcing from the supplier in question will be terminated.



In 2016, all the tofu produced at ORIOR was converted to organic soybeans grown in Switzerland.

Fredag processed exclusively Swiss pork and beef under its Suisse Garantie label during the year under review.

Albert Spiess generated about 5% of its sales with products that originated from Swiss Alpine farms. All stages of production, from the rearing of the livestock to the finished product, are carried out in the declared region. This practice, which is supported by the Swiss Mountain and Alpine Ordinance, helps to protect jobs and incomes in mountainous regions.



All Swiss beef and pork processed by Fredag meets the "Swiss Garantie" standard. Fredag also increased the share of chicken meat sourced from Swiss poultry farmers during the year under review. Approximately 40% of its entire procurement spending now goes toward Swiss poultry slaughterhouse operators.

Culinor Food Group processes pork and poultry from animals that were raised in compliance with "Better Life" standards. "Better Life" is a Dutch label that specifies rigorous farm animal welfare practices. The focus is on minimum space requirements, natural light, and safe, healthy fodder, among other topics.

Rapelli processes exclusively Swiss pork for its Ticino specialties such as salami or cured ham.



Thanks to partnerships with producers and processors, the acreage planted in Switzerland for organic soybeans certified with the Knospe label for organic food products was significantly expanded, and with it the supply of organic Swiss-grown soybeans.

The licensing and cooperation agreement with Germanyʼs tofu pioneer Tofutown has simplified and shortened the previously long and complicated transportation routes for "Nature Gourmet" specialities.

Thanks to good partnership with local producers, Rapelli can buy the pepper, chilies, herbs and other seasonings it uses in its typical Ticino specialities from local sources.